A New View of Brussels Sprouts

Last week, my husband and I took a very long-awaited (years and years of waiting and saving) vacation in Maui. And while I have lots to say about the food in this island paradise, I’m going to tell you about a revelation I had while there. And that revelation came in the form of Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are one of the quintessential targets of child food hatred. Back in my day, it was simply understood that no self-respecting kid would touch them with a 10 foot fork, and I was no exception. I still remember my utter shock when my mom made them for dinner one day, and just as my brother, sister, and I were ramping up to give her an earful, my dad simply stated that he didn’t like them either and wouldn’t be eating them. Well, since Dad wasn’t eating the little demon vegetables, then we certainly weren’t either. It was a get out of dinner-jail free card!

But one evening, we were at a restaurant where I really wanted to order this incredibly delicious sounding macadamia nut crusted fish dish, except that it came with Brussels sprouts. I hesitated for a moment, but then decided to take the plunge. I’d taste the sprouts like the good sport I am, but if I didn’t like them, they’d get pushed over to the side and dismissed from my diner.

Well, color me surprised. These were not the mushy sprouts of my (admittedly spotty and revisionist) memory. They had been quartered and roasted (or perhaps grilled), with just a hint of char on the sides. They were tender and slightly sweet and just… wonderful. I saved them until the end of my meal so I could savor them.

I can’t wait to try to recreate this at home. Perhaps this version , by Amanda, will be close? I don’t exactly expect my kids to dive wholeheartedly into them, and that’s fine. More for me. Do you like brussels sprouts? What is your favorite preparation for them?

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