Cuisine at Home Magazine

If you have seen Caitlin’s wonderful gift guide (and if you haven’t you should) you may have noticed that Cook’s Illustrated topped her list–this year with the cookbook and last year with the magazine subscription. But let’s say the food lover on your list already has a subscription. I’d like to throw in another magazine idea–Cuisine at Home.


I was introduced to Cuisine at Home magazine a couple years ago when my aunt Diana, who is a fabulous cook herself, gifted me with a subscription. It quickly turned into my favorite food magazine. Their Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe (adapted here) might be my favorite chocolate cake recipe. And that’s saying a lot; it’s hard to choose a favorite chocolate cake. They’re all so lovable.

Here’s what I love about Cuisine at Home:

The “no ads” part is probably what differentiates it the most from other food magazines, but the emphasis on technique has been most helpful to me. While I enjoy cooking, I never really learned a lot of the basic techniques. I am much more comfortable with baking than with cooking main dishes. And with a vegetarian mother, this is particularly true when it comes to cooking meat. I just never really learned some of the basics.

I think one of the best things about Cuisine at Home is that it allows less experienced home chefs to create elegant and tasty dishes. So, for something like Seared Beef Tenderloin Filets, they not only provide recipes but also give step-by-step instuctions, with photos, for trimming and searing the filets. This is not to say that it’s only for the novice cook. But for those of us who like to have all the steps really spelled out for us, this is a great resource. I have thoroughly enjoyed my subscription–I highly recommend it.

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