Current Obsession: Whole Foods Frozen Fruit Bars

Well! It’s been a while since I’ve had a Regularly Scheduled post around here, eh? Hey, did you see the Gift Guide that went up last week? That is by far my favorite post of the year. It’s a beast to put together, but in the best way possible: it’s fun and exciting to discover new food gadgets and treats. I love window shopping for others, and I maintain a list of ideas all year long, jotting things down as I see them, just to be able to tell you to buy them come November. I hope you found something on there that tickled your fancy, and for further fancy tickling I also highly recommend the Style Lush Gift Guide, handcrafted for your perusal by the lovely Elizabeth who has been doing this far longer than I. She is in fact the originator of the gift guide ’round these parts, and she nails it year after year.


Speaking of years, 2012 has been a doozy. Those of you who have been following along – whether here or anywhere else in my life – know that I’ve had some health problems stemming from my sinuses. I had one procedure done in June, and when that didn’t take, I had major sinus surgery the week before Thanksgiving. So far it seems to have been a success, although recovery is definitely going much more slowly than I anticipated.

Something happy about my two week convalescence, aside from my remarkably improved ability to breathe, spending hours a day in bed with Tim Riggins, and being able to blame almost anything on the pain meds, is rediscovering my love for popsicles.

Hey girl. I like popsicles too. We have so much in common.

I thought that Tim Riggins photo alone was enough but then I stumbled on this.

Gosh it feels dreamy in here. But that may just be the pain meds talking. (SEE?) Aaaaaanyway.

After they wheeled me out of the operating room and into recovery on the day of surgery, I was quite confused and not fully with it. If you’ve ever been under general anesthesia, you’ll know exactly what I mean. I actually woke up crying, confused, and in pain. It took a while for them to get it under control (druggggsssss are magical, kids!), but once they did I felt much more cheerful and chatty (drugs!). It was around this time, I think, that my husband inquired about whether they had given me a popsicle. You see, I hadn’t been able to eat or drink anything since the night before, and I’d been told that they’d give me a popsicle after my surgery. At this point I was high as a kite, still a bit confused, and had just told a lovely, sweet nurse who was helping me that she must be so good at her job because there were two or three of her (drugggs). When Zach asked me about the Promised Popsicle, I distinctly remember feeling a) happy, because oh yeah! popsicles! and b) robbed, because WHITHER, POPSICLE? I said I had NOT received my popsicle and literally shook my fist and proclaimed it “a grave injustice.” LET THEM EAT FROZEN TREATS.

I did eventually get my Popsicle of Justice, you’ll be relieved to know.

One of the many popsicles I’ve eaten recently, filtered for instant nostalgia!

And since I’m a Preparation Panicker and cope with stress and uncertainty by making lists, spreadsheets, and over-preparing I had Panick Stocked my kitchen with all manner of fizzy water, juices, and popsicles. It turns out that I made a wise choice in my frozen treat selection, with a variety of Whole Foods Brand 365 Frozen Fruit Bars. There’s nothing weird in them, no corn syrup or fake sugar, no added coloring. It’s mostly fruit juice, sugar, water. I’d bought a variety of flavors – lime, strawberry, mango, and carribean blend – and my favorite turned out to be the strawberry. My husband’s favorite are the mango, as evidenced by the fact that he demolished an entire box of them before I even had my surgery. He did replace them, which I think we can agree was smart considering my apparently strong feelings about Popsicle Justice.

You can’t touch the mango!

So. That’s what’ss been going on with me. I’ve missed you and my regular writing here. How have YOU been lately? What’s your favorite Friday Night Lights moment? Have you started shopping? Have you tried these popsicles? Will you put them in anyone’s stocking this year, like maybe mine?

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