Easy, Home-baked Holiday Gift Idea

My daughter goes to a Quaker preschool where they don’t really make a big deal out of the holidays, especially the commercialism surrounding it. As a result, the teachers request that the kids not give them gifts, but if they want to, make something home/hand-made for them. Since my daugher is only 2 and a half that limits what she can create herself, although lately she’s been enthusiastic about helping me cook (which is thrilling me to no end!). So, this gave me an inspired idea. Remember that No-Knead Bread recipe I wrote about a while back? Well, I figured that my kid could help me mix the dough, and then the morning of preschool we pop them in the oven and after it’s baked we can wrap it in a cute dishtowel, like this:



I bet you can buy super cheap towels at Marshalls or Kohl’s, or you can get a few of these that Katie wrote about back in September, and which I am completely obsessed with. And who doesn’t appreciate and LOVE fresh baked bread???

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