Eating Around Nashville

I went to Nashville last weekend to meet up with three friends/former coworkers, and I highly recommend going to Nashville, if just for the food. The problem with good food, though, is that sometimes it looks so good you forget to take a picture. So there are a few half-eaten food pictures in the following post.


Friday night we went to Big River Grille where I got a Hummus and Goat Cheese Salad, which was incredible.

Saturday night we went to Merchants. Y’all. Get on a plane right now and fly to Nashville to eat at Merchants. We dined upstairs, which is the fancier part of the restaurant, and nothing was bad. We started with duck fat fries, which are served with ketchup (tasted homemade!) and hollandaise. Wow, so good! The waiter brought tiny corn muffins and Dijon-butter. Delicious. There were also in-house pickled vegetables served in teeny little jars. The vegetables were gone too fast for a picture.

I had a delicious greens and radish salad that was super fresh. My friend M had beets, which I didn’t try, but that looked pretty.

My friend A had fried green tomatoes which were delicious! For dinner I ate the pan-roasted chicken with gnocci mac & cheese, swiss chard, and wild mushrooms. I ate it all. It was delicious.

For dessert we shared two desserts. The first was a chocolate tart and was gone before I even thought to take a picture. The second was pumpkin caramel cheesecake and was absolutely delicious. I took a picture halfway through that one.

Sunday we went to brunch at Fido, which was great!

I had Pete’s Torta with chorizo, and it was the perfect way to start the day and end the vacation.

Highly, highly recommend you visit Nashville and eat a lot.
Have you been to Nashville? Where did you eat?

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