Foodie Gift Idea: Sampler Packs!

This past spring, I was looking for a birthday gift idea for my kind of hard to shop for brother-in-law. I knew he liked Whiskey, but he’s a busy father of three and a full handle just seemed like something that would sit on the top of his fridge, collecting dust. I thought up the idea of a mini-bottle Whiskey sampler, and it was a huge hit. I basically bought any mini-bottle at my local liquor store, and told him to enjoy one (or all of them) after a stressful day.


I drew the same brother-in-law for our family’s gift exchange this year and thought I’d re-create something similar. A hot sauce sampler!

So far, I have:

Any others I’m missing that should be included?

Also, what else would make a good sampler pack as a gift? Mini bottles of champagne? Craft Beer? Olive Oils? Anything I’m missing!

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