Homemade dinner rolls

This Thanksgiving was the first one that Brian and I weren’t with family, which meant we were in charge of all the cooking. You would think that would encourage me to stick with what I already know, but nope! I decided I wanted homemade rolls with Thanksgiving dinner. This was a big thing since, as I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve never had good results baking anything with yeast. I was determined that this time I’d get it to work. Obviously I turned to the internet (I believe my search involved the word “easy”) and found this recipe for Favorite Dinner Rolls from Salad in a Jar.


You guys! They turned out great!


They were exactly what I wanted. Wonderfully soft and delicious. Plus they were great for making turkey sandwiches. Here’s what I think made these a success where my other attempts failed: 1) I used a bread maker to make the dough and 2) I watched her video on how to form the rolls, so I knew how they were supposed to look. I’ll definitely be trying the cinnamon roll variation on these. Maybe for Christmas morning? We’ll see.

Did you have any successful new Thanksgiving dishes?

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