New Twist on Holiday Bark

I will never tire of plain old peppermint bark. I absolutely love it for its dark, white and pepperminty complexity. In browsing Pinterest (where else?), I learned that there are other options for your edible holiday bark. Once I saw this one, though, I stopped looking. It is the showstopper of holiday bark.

Whiskey, Carmel, Marshmallow and Bacon Bark.

Oh. Yeah.

It seems complicated because there are two different mini-recipes that go into the final product: caramel sauce and bacon crumble. However, the masterminds of this recipe are not completely masochistic; they use mini marshmallows instead of making their own.You might be able to get away with melting down caramels to substitute for the caramel sauce, but I can’t vouch for that approach.

The bark lasts for two days, but I dare you to find it in my house two days later. I am putting this on my “Must Make” list for the holidays.

What’s on your “Must Make” list?

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