Stovetop Popcorn: Simple, Easy Snack

Not to brag, but my children have said that I make the SECOND-best popcorn ever. First place will always go to movie theater popcorn with it’s layers and layers of drippy butter-like topping served in enormous cardboard buckets. But at home I make (almost as good) popcorn for an easy after-school or movie night snack.

And, really, popping it on the stove is not that hard. I know! I used a microwave and those folded popcorn packets for years too, but this is surprisingly easy (as our mothers and grandmothers roll their eyes at me/us).


Popcorn on the Stove

Use a medium to large sized pot; I use a 4 quart stainless saucepan. Add the vegetable oil, enough to thinly cover the bottom. Put a few kernels in the pot while the oil heats up over medium-high heat. Cover the pot with a piece of foil with a few vents cut into it.
When the oil heats up and those first couple of kernels pop, add the rest of the popcorn kernels and cover back up with the foil.

As it cooks, shake the pot a little bit so that the kernels and popcorn on the bottom don’t burn. After a few minutes you’ll hear the popcorn pop, and when the popping slows down you know it’s about done. Pull it off the stove quickly so you don’t burn it.

Dump the popcorn in a large bowl, drizzle with melted butter and salt and serve!

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