The Wednesday Chef’s Amazing Pork Chops

I hope you all read Luisa Weiss’s terrific blog, The Wednesday Chef. It has everything that I love about food blogs: great recipes, mouthwatering photographs, and excellent writing. I’ve been a regular reader for years now, and Luisa has never steered me wrong in the kitchen. Recently, she taught me an easy and delicious way to make pork chops.

This recipe solved my problems with dry, blank pork chops. The amazing thing? The recipe only has 3 ingredients: coarse salt, pork chops, and lemon. Go read what Luisa has to say–she explains the method (and the recipe’s Italian provenance) much better than I could. But if you are looking to spiff up your pork chops with a recipe that’s as simple as possible, you need to try it.

On a related note, if you like food memoirs you should definitely check out Luisa’s book: My Berlin Kitchen. It’s a really good read and includes lots of original recipes.

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